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Poclain Diesel Engine Repair

Put the unit that has the shaft in a flush area and the valve block mounting area so it is upwards. Turn the shaft til it in the small key way in the auxiliary... Read More

Samsung Group Diesel Engine Repair

Usually if you have components problems you have circuit problems. If your circuit is running, it may cause a component problem The component would not be the problem... Read More

Sandvik Mining and Construction Diesel Engine Repair

When you put in a new mechanical shaft seal that it fits right. Make sure the rubber boot hugs teh shaft don’t slide on the shaft when you take it apart, the spring it will release from the shell and.... Read More

Sany Diesel Engine Repair

ANSI B92 1 A 1976 30 degree pressure angle, flat root, side fit, tolerance is class 5 2) Thread – ISO 68 3) Center bore is to DIN 332 , thread to DIN 13 4) Watch the torque you put on here… Read More

Hyundai Hydraulic Parts

A variable displacement pump is a device that converts mechanical energy to hydraulic fluid energy. The displacement, or amount of fluid pumped per revolution of the pump’s input shaft can be… Read More

Orenstein & Koppel Diesel Engine Repair

Fixed displacement motor is made for hydrostatic drives in open/closed loop circuits. Out speed is right in line with the input flow and inversely in line to the displacement... Read More

AGL Heaving Machine Repair

We also service and supply the following: on all brands of Cooling Tower Gear Drives, Cooling Tower Gearboxes, Cooling Tower Services, Drive Renewal, Gear Oils, Gearbox Inspection, Gearbox Lubrication, Read More

White New Idea Heavy Equipment Repair

If you want a reliable drive torque with different operating pressure, swivel the angle and it goes with the output flow of teh axial pump it is different in a way that the flow of fluid and pressure can be the same... Read More

Hesston Group Heavy Equipoment Repair

Code 61 – SAE code 61, split flange, 5000 psi, drilled and tapped for 3/8-16 UNC 2b thread bolt Code 62 – SAE code 62, split flange, 6000 PSI, drilled and tapped for 7/16-14 UNC 2b thread bolt... Read More

L&T Diesel Engine Repair

Put in two dowel pins and a gasket on the cover. Put some grease on the bearing shims and bearing cup and put in the cover. Next check the output shaft for end play. Read More

Mahindra Diesel Engine Repair

Please call us with any questions or if you are in need of repairs to your Dynapower Unit. We can repair or rebuild any model and if you need a new one, we can help with that also. Read More

John Deere Hydraulic Parts

Need Help with and Make or Model Of Dynapower Pumps and Motors Read More

Lonking Diesel Engine Repair

You have different kinds of Series 1 units. If your motor happens to have an integral shuttle and low pressure relief valve you will need to follow steps on down this page. Read More

LiuGong Diesel Engine Repair

Parts are usually for the left and right. But if you order cartridge parts, they usually come in kits. If you have a left hand rotation, please specify that when you order parts and same for right hand. Read More

Liebherr Diesel Engine Repair

This is just to help you identify and know what parts you need. Which parts go on what series. And other general information. It is always good to keep up with your model number and serial number of unit. Read More

Kubota Diesel Engine Repair

These diagrams help with the knowing what type of hydraulic control you need, electrical controls to where your service line ports are. If you need help with this or need a quote on repairing your unit. Read More

Kobelco Diesel Engine Repair

If you have the most common compensated/load sensing compensating pump you will have this screw to mount the first stage to the pump housing. Read More

ThyssenKrupp Diesel Engine Repair

The new model offers different ranges it can go for pressure, from 10 to 32 bar. The older model had a shimmed relief valve. Read More

Kobelco Construction Machinery Diesel Engine Repair

Putting in the system pressure gauge, make sure the modulating pin is in the port. Don’t put the gauge in the servo filter line when you the isolation plug is put in w/o a T fitting. Read More

LBX Linkbelt Diesel Engine Repair

If you have a rear mounted equipment, pull the lever rearward (B) to make the equipment go lower. If you can have a multi purpose bucket, you will need to pull lever rearward (A) so you can open up the clam. If you push it forward (B) it will close the clam. Read More

Komatsu Limited Diesel Engine Repair

A variable displacement pump is a device that converts mechanical energy to hydraulic fluid energy. The displacement, or amount of fluid pumped per revolution of the pump’s input... Read More

John Deere Diesel Engine Repair

If you motors have a lip seal you will need to take out the shaft seal you will need to use a par of retaining ring pliers to take out the retaining ring. Then use a punch and hammer to make a hole... Read More

LCB Diesel Engine Repair

A. Put in two dowel pins and the gaskets over the end cover. Make sure you put grease and put in the bearing shims and bearing cup into the cover. Read More

Hyundai Heavy Diesel Engine Repair

Combo units work separately without using a splitter gear box. When you order parts, make sure you do it for pump one or pump two. If you second pump is not mounted by the factory... Read More

Hydrema Diesel Engine Repair

Variable Displacement with Auxiliary Package You will need to place the spacers on the screws and go thru the balance plate and servo stem. Put these parts thru the opening in the side of the housing assy. Read More

Sany Diesel Engine Repair

The use of this valve is maintain overspeeding and having an axial piston motor from caving in on itself while in open controls. When you have cavitation the motor speed is to great... Read More

Hitachi Construction Machinery Diesel Engne Repair

RH rotation pump and manifold mounting Don’t go over the torque per lb to tighten it up Proper roll pin placement look on the other diagrams to know how to put together... Read More

Dossan Infracore Diesel Engine Repair

Put the in alignment with the valve block mounting area while it is in the up position. Turn the shaft til the small keyway that is in the auxiliary shaft reads at 12 o clock position... Read More

Donex Diesel Engine Repair

Here is a diagram view of the parts for this unit and options you have. This is a good diagram to keep, so you can order parts later. The option on this is having a high pressure seal. Read More

Deere & Company Diseel Engine Repair

There is an added feature of a foot mounting…you can see by the dotted line on the diagram. There is also a base mounting by having four tapped holes in the bottom part of the pump. Read More

CNH Global Diesel Engine Repair

For the right setting on the compensator control and use the remote relief valve setting. To do the adjustment settings, first turn the remote pressure control anti CW to the least setting. Read More

Pullmaster Hydraulic Parts

If a white box is checked then the parts are not sold individually. Sold as whole matched sets. This chart shows for the displacement, mounting, porting, shaft, rotation and AAAB features. Read More

Bobcat Diesel Engine Repair

The units affected by this are the 90/42, 55, 75 and 100cc units. On the older units they used a individual spring and spring seat, on the newer ones they use a one piece and it goes on the spool alot better. Read More

Acrowood Logging Equipment Repair

All 55cc motors will be affected s/n A-89-38- etc. All 75cc motor will be affected s/n A-89-44- etc. All 100cc motors will be affected s/n A-90-20- etc. The charge relief and loop flushing apparatus on the older models will still be available in the parts manual. Read More

Sumitomo Hydraulic Motor

Tells about the internal/external discharge ports and remote filter ports. Standard, A Pad and B Pad Displacements ** Is the size, length & width of the parts. Read More

Sumitomo Hydraulic Motors

The changes are being made to the 75cc and 55cc units. The older one had a 1/4 inch internal socket head drive and the new one has a 10mm drive hex that can’t be accessed externally. Read More

Bandit Logging Industries

Tupelo Hydraulics offer the repair of Bandit Industries forestry products, we offer hydraulic pump repair, hydraulic motor repair and hydraulic cylinder repair for all types of Bandit Industires... Read More

Barko Hydraulic Logging Equipment

System pressure gauge at 0- 5000 PSI range. Charge pressure gauge up to 0-1000 PSI range. Snubbers are needed to keep gauges and the urgentency of the gauge calibration if it is necessary to make sure it is accurate. Read More

Boman Hydraulic Logging Repair

The slipper guide retainer has been changed from a one piece to a two piece for 130cc’s only. It gives it a more uniformed look. It can be used on the older models, but the older models will need the new one when replacing parts. Read More

SLDG Hydraulic Motor

The changes are being made not only on the 75cc, but to the 55cc also. The surface hardness is what has changed on the swashplate. The new style is interchangeable with the older units, but the older style is no longer available. Read More